Mt. Ishizuchi and the Photogenic Cat

Standing on the top of Mt. Kamegamori, the Shikoku mountains roll out from under your feet. The tallest mountain in Shikoku, Mt. Ishizuchi, juts out from among its neighbours, a defining figure in the distance. The view is breathtaking, like countless other hikes in Shikoku. Many other hikers enjoy the beautiful weather, stopping at the... Continue Reading →

The Sleepy Tanuki

Spring is here. Just two weeks ago the mountains were still bare and the air was crisp even when the sun appeared and the plum blossoms were out. The cherry blossoms have been out in full bloom, their pink and white flowers bright specks against the green of the deciduous cedar trees. Some of the trees had... Continue Reading →


ようこそ! Welcome to Ell's Art Site. I started this blog as a way to share my art and the stories behind them with others. I am a self-taught artist and I have been painting for several years. I have dabbled in oil painting, but I mainly focus on watercolour. I have studied Japanese and lived... Continue Reading →

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